Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing is primarily the sending of email and then tracking the results of what the email recipients.

Irish email marketing is ideal for contacting clients who are too busy to read conventional post. When a conventional letter is sent you have control or idea where it's gone or what happened.

Did you know that when you interact with a HTML email, the sender receives a report about everything you did? Whether you opened or forwarded it to somebody else? What articles you read and what ones you ignored?

This is not too good to be true, some of our clients have saved literally thousands of euro and gained even more in direct sales leads.

People quickly come to realize whether or not you are sending valuable information. Once they realize it is worthwhile (ie. not spam), they come to look forward to it.

Email marketing allows regular contact with large numbers of people that you wouldn't otherwise have the time to reach individually.

OK then it's going to be a pain to manage all those email addresses?

No the lists are self managing people sign on and off at will, you see all the movement on the database. You can act on it if you wish or you can let the application manage everything for you. will advise on how to build your lists and prepare content for your email marketing newsletters. After that, we can handle everything ensuring a regular email communication is sent from you, that the results are measured, reader profiles are identified, and acted upon.

This very efficient way of reaching your prospects with personalized email communication is
within reach of even the smallest of marketing budgets and costs less than the price of a stamp.

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